Nintendo sales dominance continues in November



Nintendo sold more than 2 million Wii consoles in November, while Microsoft sold around 870,000 units, and Sony sold less than 400,000 units.

Recession? Pfffft. Nintendo laughs in the face of the depression! :bow:


Playstation is the one that is really going down and for me it could not happen to a better company. It would not bother me is Sony went broke.


How are Sony going down?

I keep hearing doom & gloom about how the PS3 sucks and sales aren’t good, and bluray is a dying format … but where’s the evidence?

Sony are releasing PS3 only games, they’ve just released their version of Second Life, people are buying PS3’s for both the kickass games & as a media centre, and Bluray manufacturers are dropping prices of hardware & media which will spur adoption & fuel profits.

If a price drop is an indication of the decline in viability, then obviously the CD & DVD formats are totally dead in the water, because the last time I looked, I can pick up 3 crappy DVD movies for $15au in small stores dedicated to DVD’s & CD’s …

Using the same brain-dead, tortured logic I’ve read lately, Sony is obviously as dead as the DVD & CD formats - which I understand are thriving.

And Congratulations to Nintendo! Their Console put the fun back into console gaming - It’s a party based console :iagree:
I’ve owned one for 18months and everyone loves it - even my parents that are PC illiterate and can’t stand games :iagree: