Nintendo Revolution controller unveiled

This is so cool :bow:

The entire industry has been clamoring for a taste of Nintendo’s so-called next-generation ‘revolution.’ So have we. Every time Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has opened his mouth, he underscored time and time again Nintendo would not be following the traditional path of a new console. Rumors have persisted for weeks about touch screens, gyroscope functions, virtual headsets, and everything else under the sun.

Nintendo always emphasized they weren’t following Sony and Microsoft, and boy, they weren’t kidding. Nintendo decided Tokyo Game Show (an event the company typically forgoes in favor of Space World) was the right time to sit down with select members of the press and unveil their vision of gaming’s future. And guess what? We were there.

Link to where I stole the video from

Quite revolutionary! I really can’t wait to try it out, as it looks so much different from anything we have right now. Will it be a winner or a loosing concept?

At first glance, I said WTF?!? :eek: :eek: :eek: But, after reading the whole article I began to get excited about this innovative concept. I was actually inspired to blog on my 1UP page, with a poll and everything. I can’t wait to try it out! Nintendo has never really disappointed me when they come up with new stuff. :disagree:

This has the potential to be a HUGE hit or fail miserably. Personally, I hope it will be a hit.

Here, for anyone too lazy to click on the link in Airhead’s post:

i see no video link :doh: , help?

EDIT i found it thanks. :clap:

An addendum to my previous post above. This is the shell for the Revo controller wand, so people can just stop bitching! You can still play with a regular controller! :rolleyes:


@ MaphistoFemme - Thanks for the pics!

No problem! :stuck_out_tongue: This subject is near and dear to my heart! :bigsmile:

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