Nintendo plans to battle pirates

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As Nintendo continues its strangle hold on the console market with its popular Wii game console, Nintendo hopes to tackle pirates who are cutting into the company’s overall profits.

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This news pisses me off! Nintendo isn’t hurt by modding, it promotes the console. The average schmo just plays the thing. And anyone obsessed enough to mod probably buys accessories and spreads the word which is profit and word of mouth/demos/advertising for Nintendo. I remember my son’s transition from Gameboy to Gameboy Advance. All accessories were incompatible from one version to the next just so you had to repurchase them! SHAME ON YOU NINTENDO!!! I was going to buy a DSi in April for my niece but now that I remember your greedy ways I will be boycotting you. Guess I’ll get her a netbook instead. I’ve been boycotting all Sony products for 10+ years and spreading the word, so this is no idle threat!

sounds like you’ll be doing ninty a favour then. you’re peeved because ninty won’t let you pirate on their console. Hate to tell you this, but they’re in business to make money off their games, not to allow fools like you rip them off!:wink:

Maybe all these Game Console Companies (Sony, Nintendo, X-Box) should have realized this years ago when they were making billions of dollars of us consumers, for exp. when you buy a game at $65.00 and the following year it’s worth half of that or less. There not losing any money really they are just being greedy. Maybe if they would drop the prices of the consoles and the games the public would not always be trying to find a way around them. They have been over charging the public for at least 50yrs. And its bull shit at Christmas time when they send a limited consoles and games to the stores that are in demand and they have plenty in stock or they hold off until just before Christmas so they can charge a high price for the new consoles and the games. So what now they are crying because the public has a way around them, what they can only afford to buy one new mansion a year. Keep over charging the public and the public will always find a way around things. And on top of this they are still making billions of dollars on the public, so why are they crying?

I know a lot of people who bought the Nintendo DS and Wii, as well as X360 because they could pirate games.

The same thing applies to games than it does to movies. It’s not because people can’t share/pirate a game anymore they will buy it, on the contrary, they might not show any interest in it instead and not speak about it to friends who are actually buying their games.

If PS3 was hacked, there would easily be 50% more sold consoles.

The vast majority of games coming out on DS, Wii and X360 are not worth the money they are asking for it, so in a way people are just recovering money any way they can.

Besides, most of time too, a big franchise like Zelda, Mario or GTA, people actually still buy them because they want the real deal on their shelf.

If your game package is that good people want the real deal instead of the pirated version, then you deserve that money. Make it worth it to pay for your product, give something a pirated version will never have.

maybe so ramza, but the games wouldn’t sell as well, and thats what makes these companies money, not consoles!

i was no angel when i was younger and downloaded pirated games all the time, but the difference was that i never moaned when the companies tried to stop the pirating, coz it was their right to.

Best thing I ever bought for the DS was a DSTT adaptor :slight_smile: Still buy lots of official games , but always “try before buy” using the card !

The headline for this article should read “Nintendo plans to frustrate themselves and waste time, energy, and profits in a futile effort to stop piracy.”

When are these moronic companies going to realize that there will always be some piracy. Anti-piracy measures rarely increase sales, and are almost entirely useless in stopping piracy as they all get defeated in short order. But if the products they make are priced right, they sell. I’d bet the money wasted on anti-piracy is almost never offset by increased sales, but the percieved loss of revenue from a lower price would be offset by increased sales. Oh well, I guess selling a unit at $60 that costs you $2 to produce looks better than selling 10 times as many units at a lower cost, since the per unit “profit” margin is much higher.

what makes anything successful is how easy it is to pirate games. look at history C64, ZX spectrum, ps1, ps2, 360 etc. now the PS3 is doing very bad because u can’t pirate games. I mean how many games can 1 person buy at $120 each? (australia) ??? one a month? the only way to stop piracy is to drop the price of games to $10-$20 each, that would undercut the pirates so it’s win/win but noooo greed is their motto

Just a pointless waste of money by Nintendo and an excuse to keep prices inflated.
When will the gaming companies ever learn.
The majority of people using their products will go about it the right way and buy or rent their games the the proper channels.
The majority of users that mods or “pirates” their stuff will find ways around anything they do… and if they can’t they will just quit and move on to something else WITHOUT buying their products, with the exception maybe of some rare cases… so the money they spend to try and stamp it out is wasted because is WONT result in bringing up their sales… only cut into the profit they make now.
For example, I have a friend who gor his kid a DS for X-mas last year, only because he could get a SD card for downloading games so the kid could play them for free.
If Nintendo found a way around it to stop him from playing the games he wouldn’t go out and start buying his kid games in the store… he’d either move him along to something else or go to a pawn shop or somewhere and buy him an old gameboy advance sp and some older games to play… and wait out a fix, either way Nintendo won’t make squat from him… it’s sad but true.
On a personal note being one who used to download everything, movies, games, music it all really makes no difference to me… I could care less, why don’t I do it anymore? not because I find it wrong… but because I don’t have time, my kids have every game system out, and all the latest games, my wife buys all the movies she wants to see at Wal-mart each week when she’s grocery shopping (I could choke her) but everything we have is all store bought, nothing pirated. For me I don’t have the time to screw around with it… time is money in my world… if I have some free time I want to spend it with my family… not sitting around hunting for the rar files i may be missing for something.
While I am sure there are others out there that are less fortunate, I am sure there are others out there just like me that don’t care about the legalities of the issue… we just don’t have the time to screw with it.

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“Where there’s a whip, there’s a way…” No mater the computer or the game console - if someone wants to skirt whatever issue that they have with the company they will do it. Bustling their feathers and saying that “we’re going to do this and that ad nauseum” only feeds those that want everything under the sun for free.
Sooner or later we all grow up - some just later than sooner :iagree:

Piracy will never be stopped. Technology has ensured that people with the necessary skills and intellect will always circumvent any protection methods. It’s only a matter of time.

Right… and Don Quixote battled the windmills.

I predict similar success.

You are buying at the wrong place if you pay $120. JB Hifi and Big W often have new release games for $78 and older games can be found for far less. Other stores are known to price match. I think $78 is a fair price if the US price is $60. Our price includes a 10% tax whereas a sales tax of anywhere between 6-8% is added on to their price at the checkout. I agree that the RRP of $120 for some games is ridiculous but I know that a large number of complaints and the console companies knowing people are importing games cheaper is forcing them to lower prices locally.

Still waiting on a PS3 hack though…

I love wee hack…one I have lets me use XMBC