Nintendo patents handheld video game emulation software

I just posted the article Nintendo patents handheld video game emulation software.

 While the emulation of handheld Nintendo game consoles is not optical  disc related, this news may affect some Nintendo fans here that play their  handheld games or backups emulated on...
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the xbox emulation scene is a bad parallel because all the xbox emulators use the XDK to some extent and therefore are illegal, and thus have to be obtained through other methods.

I wonder what effect this will have on the Sony Handheld? surely one of its selling points would have been Emulation of other handhelds, now how will they justify the price?

i’m sure their is prior art somewhere. the USA patent office have passed some rediculous patents of late (see slashdot).

if you look at this site: you see there was already a gameboy emulator for Palm in 6/26/00 how can the patent something that already existed before the wanted to patent it? sounds like patenting the wheel!

and Alexander Graham Bell didn’t invent the Telephone first but guess where he worked? Patents Office.

So, here’s a funny idea, is Nintendo going to enforce its patent on other handheld platforms, like Sega’s Game Gear and Atari’s Lynx? Or does this patent only affect Gameboy variants? :d