Nintendo GameCube ISOs burning! Help!


I got a Nintendo GameCube and here it is model:
DOL-001 (EUR)

Can anyone please tell me which brands of media mini DVD-R , DVD+R , which will work on my model?

Can I also use a HP mini DVD-R 8x , 16x?

probably ridata’s

But stores here only sells Melody and HP branded Mini Discs…

Can they work on my model?

Please I need a quick answer as soon as possible to make sure before I waste any money on buying the Mini DVDs they are too expensive here.

don’t know if they will work or not. the gamecube laser is very picky on media and might if work if you adjust the pot. the most popular and easiest media to work is some sort of ritek or ridata mini dvd.

If it isn’t modded, it will not work anyway.
I also recommend replacing the loader so you can use normal DVD- discs.