Nintendo ds movie

When i play movies on my ds the movie will play for about 10 minutes on the top screen and then shift down to the bottom screen. When i tap on the bottom screen it will move back to the top and after a few minutes shift back down. It will do this about 4-5 times during a movie. Any suggestions to solve this issue and is there a site to show what settings are best used for dpg files on the ds?

Yeah I have a suggestion! Post more info so we can help you. First we need to know what dvdfab mobile settings you used to make the movie with. We need to know the process you did to get the movie onto your NDS such as default settings or custom settings. If custom we need to know what those settings are that used. Myself personally do not do the mobile but if you post the info someone will help you. Welcome to the forum d808o

Thanks for the answer back so soon. I used dvdfab platinum and just clicked on the ds tab to convert movie to dpg file. I did not touch any settings so i am guessing it is just done as a default.