Nintendo DS Lite

I just bought a Nintendo DS Lite- will DVD Fab Platinum record a movie for this platform and if so, how is it accomplished? I have heard to use a MAX DX Drive but I do not know this product either. Appreciate any help offered.

I don’t think it supports that feature, but I’m not to up on the DVD to MOBILE feature. Hopefully someone who knows more about it will see this soon.

You can do it but will need to experiment a little. Find out the video and audio specs supported by the Nintendo DS and then use de the DVD to Mobile functionality of DVD Fab in “generic” profile and choose the correct settings.
There is a Nintendo DS application to play videos, you will need it.
Copy the converted file to your device and play it.

thanks for the help so far- do you know the Nintendo DS application?

you can find it here I guess

Other link:£&r=1&l=1&ProdID=316

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Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:

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