Nintendo DS Lite black pixels



Hi all, sorry i havent been on the site, life is very busy for me. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I got a DS lite last year, never really played it until January 2014. Everything was okay with it, until last week. I started to notice ‘black pixels’ on the bottom screen. They dont go away. However, when you push on them, the effect of pushing the lcd (not really sure what its called) does not go on the affected pixels. One week later (now), they have gotten worse. The area of ‘black’ pixels has grown. Some of them are dark blue, and go black in certain colors (particularly orange).

Strange thing is, when i push on the black pixels, some of them go away, but then come back a minute later.

Anyone else had this issue? I dont really have the money to replace the bottom display.



Below are images of the ‘black pixels’ on the bottom LCD.


Not good means the LCD is no longer viable and your best choice is to buy another one and sell that one off.