Nintendo considers firmware auto-updating on the 3DS



Nintendo considers firmware auto-updating on the 3DS.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata has stated that the company is considering implementing automatic firmware updates on their upcoming 3DS handheld console. 

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I don’t think the auto update will fly and mostly likely will kill the 3d DS unit if they implement it and someone will most likely come up and find a way to defeat it. Why are they banging their head against the wall when they should let user do it themselves or post on the Nintendo site of update and inform the owner so they will do the update and have no complaints of privacy concerns. This to me is a obvious duh…doing it will make a stink of it and you won’t hear the end of it. And they might get a class action lawsuit in doing something this bonehead.


While the automatic online updates are likely to cause little resistance from customers who have become accustomed to such features on consoles like the Wii and PS3, incorporating the updates onto the games themselves seems like it could be going a bit too far.

the nintendo wii does not perform automatic online updates. you are only given a notification of an update and may decline if so desired.

however, the nintendo wii does incorporate the updates onto the games themselves. furthermore, the update is required to play the game. [unless you are using system menu hacks or a game loader to bybass the update checks]


Nintendo considers firmware auto-updating on the 3DS.

I consider wrapping it in tin foil. :slight_smile: