'Nintendo can't do anything against Switch console hack'

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/nintendo-cant-do-anything-against-switch-console-hack-84154/

Security researchers have found a way to hack the Nintendo Switch so it can run software Nintendo normally doesn’t allow. The hack can’t be blocked with a software update from Nintendo, according to the researchers. Two different security researchers found the same vulnerability in the Tegra X1 chip that powers the Nintendo Switch. Both fail0verflow…

Then one must have a big bank account to go this route right hackers 300 smackers isn’t what I call chump change. Also it voids any warranty and torpedoing it means all your NS is a coaster.

I would imagine the best person to do this kind of hacking is also the kind of person who knows enough about electrical components to repair any damage that gets done.

299.99+tax isn’t something I want to screw around with. It’s already good as it is if you want to give Nintendo another 299.99+tax by all means hack your console til it breaks. The rest of us will go one enjoying our NS gaming.