Nintendo 64 > CD-R, I need to backup my classics! (My 64 is dying :()

Any help? Does anyone know how to make ROM’s from my cartriges?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Check here and here . Availability : Practically zero

I’ve heard of a special device which you can put on your N64. It makes roms of your cartridges and writes it on a cd then.
I think that thing was called v64 doctor or something like that.

See ya

you can use a Gameshark Pro and a serial? cable connected to your computer to dump many n64 rom images along with a special third party software hack. I’ve done if for a lot of my games. Only really big ones will not dump. (I can’t remember the exact rom size limitation, but I think Paper Mario would not dump). Anyway, it dumps a specific mbit (64, 128, 256, etc) regardless of the actual rom size. Once it has dumped, you can truncate the roms to save hard drive space. Let me see if I can find the site that hosted the hack, or was it a separate 3rd party ultility, I can’t remember its been a while…

Thanks, guys. :smiley: :slight_smile:

Im not sure of the laws in Austrailia, but you might be legally allowed to download backups of your games. This is mere speculation, you need to look into it as a possibilty. It might be a lot easier than trying to find some of that equipment.