Nintendo 3DS hits milestone in Japan as some speculate on its future

Nintendo 3DS hits milestone in Japan as some speculate on its future.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Nintendo's novel new glasses-free 3D portable the 3DS boasts quite a few features besides the obvious: Augmented Reality (AR) games, Wi-Fi multiplayer, a 3D camera and the newly-released eShop, which houses classics culled from the company's past as well as new downloadable titles and movie trailers. One feature that's been lacking - at least in comparison to past Nintendo handhelds - is the ability to fly off shelves.

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Why the slow start? No one has any extra money to spend on this kind of stuff right now. (Like the saying goes, “It’s the economy, stupid!”)

That said, my 15-year-old son bought a used one after his DSi XL was stolen on the last day of school, and it’s pretty slick. That card game thingy that came with it has got to be the coolest video game I’ve ever seen. He downloaded and printed a much larger version of the card (it printed on 9 sheets of paper). He puts it on the kitchen floor, and it literally takes the whole room to play it. He has to constantly move around it to get different angles and views and see different characters. It’s just really a cool game.