Nine killed in shooting at Omaha mall

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I just wander what would have happen had the woman who took this kid in would have stayed out of it after the parents had kicked him out of the house a few years back? He might have done it sooner or he might have grown up and went back home and made something of himself. I have taken kids in but only when I was sure the parents were the one that were no good.

The article speaks volumes, as well as the picture of the boy. Just the look in his eyes and face (as one of three ways of putting it) say “you got a problem with me?!??” The look is very confrontational and troubling.

In general, it sadly shows that although people who are emotionally troubled can be helped, in this world, they cannot be saved unless they can come to terms with their past first, then find a way to get ‘past’ it and move on. What seems to be missing is the understanding that someone in such a delicate state of mind and emotion doesn’t need much to be set off.

In the more specific context, it shows the only a strong, two-parent family could have prevented this, where both the man and woman got married for at least many of the right reasons, then planned to have children and (among other things) evaluated themselves and knew whether or not they could have children and raise them responsibly, equally between the two. It’s just another very lamentable by-product of the breakdown of the traditional family. Without strong family units, there are less ties and bonds that teach children responsibility for oneself and concern for others… and one of the possible end results is something like this, an unthinking, careless and selfish reaction towards others. Probably the worst result is that indeed this selfish and thoughtless act did make this kid famous.