Nimo codec pack



Hello every1,
a time ago I installed the nimo codec pack, and while installing it I Had a list of wich codec’s I should install and wich not, that information I found on kazaa lite.
But now afther re installing my pc, I not seem 2 find that information anymore.
Is there some1 out there who can help me in this matter?
Thanks in advance, your new member.


It all depends on what your intending to do with your PC. Just play movie, or encode, or what.

Nimo Pack is the best way to destroy your system if you install them all. It destroys more systems than it fixes.

The best is to get the latest codec’s individually and install and install ONLY what you need.


I’d like to play, encode, and burn dvds. How do I know which codec’s I need?


try the freeware avicodec, it shows u what codecs u need to play the movie.
U can also download it from there,


The latest Xvid codec from with the latest Divx codec from together with the AC3Filter from will allow playback & encoding of 99+% of all AVI’s “out there”.

Why screw up your system and install one of those Codec Paks, they do more harm than good and the codecs within are almost never the latest anyway.