Nimda email rides the Code Red worm

I just posted the article Nimda email rides the Code Red worm.

Once again a new worm hits the internet spreading fast trought the internet. Its an .exe file that auto execute when you open the email!!

You can also be infected by visiting a infected website…

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Within 2 minutes of reading this new posting my PC contracted the Nimda.A virus. It put an exe file in the windows/temp folder. It put or infected “load.exe” & Riched20.dll" - only Riched20.dll could be quarantined - the temp files are mep3322.tmp.exe & mepF141.tmp.exe - gotta go & fix it - fortunately along with Norton Anti-Virus, I use Norton Ghost - so I can just low-level format the hard drive, mbr the boot sector & image my hard drive from last night…whew

How can an executable file .exe file, be opened automatically when you open your email?!?

ok - check it out - i just talked to my server (isp). this virus writes iteself into the source code of a web page served by NT. This would be a java script. If you land on a page that has the java script written into the source code of the actual page you r on, then a file is automatically dowqnloaded as a *.eml file {which i did absolutly see in my temp folder when i was infected). It then opens itself up & runs the eml or attachment within - thereby infecting your pc instantly without any action whatsoever on your part. upadte your norton antivirus as my av did catch it - once again though, norton ghost & low-level formating is the answer to these problems (/mbr as well).