Nikon D3

I love my Nikon D3, can almost shoot everything in "p"rogram. One of the only drawback I found was in program the red’s are too red, for example, with the macro105mm shooting a red flower, it almost all blends together. . But other than that accidentally hitting the vertical shutter button is about all I can think of right now

I´m sorry but I don´t understand what your question is…

Are you asking about white balance settings?
Post-production color profile settings and adjustments?
Are you shooting in RAW or JPEG?
With which software are you working?
Is it a question of your monitor calibration?
Do you mean that it´s not “too red” when using other exposure modes?

Or are you looking for a critique of this photo?

No, I was making an observation about how the reds are too bright in "P"rogram mode. It doesn’t matter which photo editing I use.

Without any further information, I doubt anyone can help…
but, in the meantime, perhaps there is some useful stuff here

Thanks denimator, I’ll check that out. I’ve only had my D3 for about 10 months now and still have a lot to learn from it, but i’m doing pretty good:iagree: