Nightclubs to pay extra for play

NIGHTCLUBS might charge $20 for entry and $8 for a beer but until now they have had to pay only 7c for each person to listen to a night’s worth of music.


:cool: :cool:

I don’t visit nightclubs :stuck_out_tongue:
Here they’re full of drunken, smoking cougars :stuck_out_tongue:
All the young women are busy wiping the vomit off their faces in the toilets :stuck_out_tongue:

I deny the fact that Australia has any issues with binge drinking! Teenage or Otherwise.

Well, what to expect from a country that has drive-trough liqour stores! :bigsmile:

Hey! There are tough penalties for drunken driving :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is quite funny, given that we do have drive-thru liquor stores!
If Australia was America, that’d probably be classed as entrapment :stuck_out_tongue: