Night Driving

New member, love the site.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe its new headlights like the Silverstars, but does no one turn off their brights anymore?

And what happened to flashing lights when you see cops :cop: ?

Just a couple beefs I’ve been having with other drivers.

PS…It’s cold, really cold, dang ice scraper broke :eek: .

I blame Xenon lamps, since the ones who invented those only put in two modes of operation: “bright” and “jesus christ thats bright”.

The Blinded flashing the blinded :slight_smile:

I think that the blinding lights are becoming a fashion. Luckily my car’s mirror features this switch to darken everything in it, so that the driver won’t be blinded by these very annoying lights.

basically if you drive an old car your lights are like candles compaired with the modern lights

Lol, aye :wink:
The old VW beatles actually have the full current for the lamps running through the light switch, which is why they are so dull …

New cars have only a small current running through the light switch, which activates a contactor, which switches the lights on :slight_smile: