owns me 89Euro?!


The case is that in january 2004, I ordered a bunch of DVD+R medias, but they were all shitty discs and my DVD-burner had problems with them so said that I should return the disc and then they would refund the money for the discs and the transport.
I sent the 75 DVD+R in the middle of january and about 2 weeks later they recieved the package. They sent back the invoice of my order and they would refund 75 Euro, but I had paid 14Euro for the transport, so I wrote back and said that the price which they would refund was not including transport. They said I should fax the invoice of delivery, which I did the next day and from that day I haven´t heard a single word from them. I have tried to mail them several times, called them via phone, but they auto-answer says always that their supporters are busy so I have to contact them via mail or try again later, which I have tried for several times, but without luck.
When it didn´t succeed for me to get contact to them, I sent a registered letter the 31/3 and now it is the 18th. april and I haven´t still heard a word from them.

Im totally lost and dont know what to do?!

Do you have any ideas?