NicW to release new dvdinfo pro 3.04 monday

NicW, noted programer has told this beta tester that he will release new dvdinfo pro 3.04 that will have a pi/pif scan for liteon and other dvd burners, this update of a very well liked program will the be the 3 level in his multi functional dvd and cd tool. Nic also says he will have something later that will be called 3.x :rolleyes:

Great news love to see his work. :slight_smile:

please use this thread to post a link when he releases it.


Changelog thus far:

RE: New version. 3.01! (in reply to Dolphinius_Rex)

Changelog as of 25_07_2004: 14:25PM, EST

v3.02 - v3.03

Added Speed option into Liteon Pi/pif scan.
fixed a speed setting bug on benq pi/pif scan.
fixes to benq pi/pif scan (I still dont like this drive for pi/pif it dont work properly)
Resize of main window to bring under 800 x 600 and to make it more forum friendly for posts.
Fixes and fine tuning of the BTC PI/PIF routine (NEEDs firmare 0758 minimum, IE rev 7 of 58)
Complete removal of POE/POF scanning for NU.
Fixes for Nu PI/PIF routine.
Added PIF Avg readout.
Some small fixes as reported.
Added some media types and speeds,  corrected some others.
Fixed missing tooltips for DVD+RDL displays.

V3.01 RC4

As a certain other program decided i was correct all along and changed his labels to pi and pif
I have altered my graphs in the liteon mode to be consistent.
Fixed some bugs in the Nu routine thanks to horselord.

V3.00 RC3.

Hopefully fixed a Nu PIF peak bug.
Added NEC 2510A DVD+RDL bitsetting function.

Added Sony DRU-700A to pi/po scanning
Fixed some issues with Liteon - Sony Pi / Po tests.
Improved the Benq pi / po routines (still too slow though)

V2.97 - 2.98

  1. Added speed option for Benq Drives.
  2. improvements to Benq routine.
  3. Improved condition when show jitter is turned off for Benq graph
  4. Fixed bug where a 0 flat line for POF/PIf was being drawn on Benq graph.
  5. Fixed a bug in the jitter graph for Benq, that was using average by mistake.
  6. Fixed a bug where the start button was not disabled when a test was started.


  1. Fixed the progress and end of disc bugs for Benq graph.
  2. May have improved the speed over older builds for Benq


  1. Attempted fix for Benq short graph problem (NOTE there is a speed issue I am discussing with benq)


  1. Added Benq drives to PI / PO/ Jitter routine.
  2. Corrected wrong PI / PO values (oops)
  3. renamed PI PO to PIE and POE
  4. renamne PI+ and PO+ to PIF and POF
  5. minor fixes.


  1. Fixed wrong disc scale after a CD is inserted and removed. Thanks to AJ
  2. Add comment edit box is now auto selected. Thanks to yours truly and AJ
  3. Reports of lower graph drawing out of graph on manual scaling, possible
    fix could not repeat.
  4. “Mid Code” being drawn on drive info screen fixed. Thanks to James.
  5. Numerous small tweaks over last several versions thanks to Flash.
  6. Fixed error blocks overwriting end of graph. Thanks to Paulo
  7. Fixed error graph not being drawn fully, missing pixels.
  8. Thanks to Flash program now supports multiple instances.
  9. Added spike suppression routine to Jitter for loss of tracking situations.
  10. Improved wobbleseek routine.
  11. Added missing tooltip for jitter instant readout
    12 Corrected reversed tooltips for jitter average and peak.
  12. Changed jitter average to RMS value which is much more meaningful.
  13. Add comment now shows last comment for editing

I wonder if there are any options to change this navy-colored, Nero CDDVD Speed look-alike screen ?
IMO, the layout seems kinda obsolete, like if it was borrowed from the last centure.
Nic, no offence, but pls take a close look @ the purity, simplicity, well-considered design of the KProbe2 .
There’s much to learn from Karr’s baby. :wink:

Hi BoSkin,

Without getting too nitty-gritty about the different GUI considerations, let alone the different look-n-feel that NicW uses, or for that matter, the way in which the software interfaces with PUA’s or primative user actions as we refer to them, I feel both articles of software are quite different and beg little if any comparison. Kprobe and to a greater extent CD/DVD Speed3 are designed with different central motivation in mind - let alone the functionality of the software.

Examples that could be cited include the infoPro custom read block and dumpout capability, sending custom commands, ISO comparator, MMC command calls etc.

You might want to visit the settings button - and take a look at the configuration options that are intrinsic to infoPro. This alone gives it great differentiation from the other articles of software.

Its my opinion that all the tools have their place in space. You are right - Kprobe2 is damn cute stuff. Its also simple. This in itself, in my opinion, shares a different user segmentation than InfoPro.

Software engineering efforts take many different shapes. I feel InfoPro is a stunning exemplification of a well thought out, modular and highly goal oriented engineering task. This is science - not just a ‘tool that does stuff’! Looking at it objectively, they all are. I guess, for me…its the design values and the iterative nature of this development project that I respect so much.

Looks like the NicW drones are out on another promotional tour.

How many DIP threads are there now?

BTW, if you are tired of seeing all the ads in this so-called “free” program, they’re easy to remove, in the registry or with a hex editor.

And you’re not, 'coz I didn’t say it was cute.

Are you being serious here or just kidding me this way ?
I thought I was quite familiar with that part, hence the discussion.
Regardless of the technical aspects, here’s what my simple point was about :

Graphic design is concerned with how the GUI presents information to the user.
There are three major components to the graphic design of a GUI which must be considered when it is designed.
The three componenets are typography, layout, and color.
These three components form the visual language which describes how the GUI communicates with the user.
The user will recognize information and perform tasks better when a good visual language is constructed.
When the three components are inappropriately specified, however, a poor visual language is created and user tasks will suffer

Due to a bug in the BenQ media info read NicW has delayed release for few days. Sorry guys but its got to be fixed.

or for even less ads & popups, visit some other forums.

Ok ive been quiet about this subject but it seems to be getting a bit out of hand here.

RDG please refrain from bashing DVDinfopro, if you dont like the product then just do not post about it. theres alot of persons out there that like this product and they feel intimidated to post about it here…im going to change that.

Others feel free to post on relevent topics dont be intimidated by a minority.

NICW cdfreaks does have popups so do alot of sites thats just how internet commerce happens, if you dont like it get a blocker.

any more negative comments will be deleted and further activity in this sort will lead to a ban.

you’ve been warned.


The DW1600 Benq issue has been sorted out so I will move to a release probably tomorrow all being well.

RDG please refrain from bashing DVDinfopro, if you dont like the product then just do not post about it. theres alot of persons out there that like this product and they feel intimidated to post about it here…im going to change that.

I have never bashed DIP per se, just it’s unscrupulous author.
But since you bring it up;
The program itself has nothing that I need and so I don’t use it. If it offered something new or interesting, I would certainly use it. As it is there are other, more functional and user-friendly tools that are truly free.

can you please name a few

Can you recommend me those some other forums? I’m tired to see people in their signatures attacking other members. I’m tired to see people who advertise as much as possible as if it were some kind of war. Also, why not make both your forums and software ad-free?


Last time I was surely going to stop you before resigning. Your forums are too closed, without much information, less friendly. I’ve been to thousands of online forums and one thing common in most is that forum styles reflect the minds of the owners and administrators. If you want to make CDFreaks visitors visit your forums to help you and your friends have more revenues, you should at least open your minds a bit wider.


As far as I know, rdgrimes is not bashing the program. But the whole thing went out of hand rather long ago. Moderators cannot ban. If I could, I’d have banned at least 5 to 10 members by now. :slight_smile:

thread closed due to going off topic.