Nice the new Pioneer 108 has dma 66 interface!

that will let me make it external…as using a dma 66 interface i can burn external with even my cheap initio interface using firewire at 16x… :wink:
good job pioneer!

and the reason i bought this drive was for a very excellent dvd-r writer (up to 16x!) and of course 4x dl writes…which do use bitsetting. :smiley:

also i just burned my cheapest of cheap cmc 1x dvd-r media at 1x and actually got a pretty decent burn with it. all my other drives cause coasters with this media. :iagree:

Should be updated. :slight_smile:

Liteon 812@832
Liteon 1213S
NU 082
Benq DW822A
Pioneer 107D
Pioneer 108
Liteon 48161H
LG 4120B 12x dual layer

8x: SOHW-812, NU-082, DW822, DVR-A07, ND-2500
12: GSA-4120, SOHW-1213
16: DVR-A08


8x: SOHW-812, SOHW-851, PX-708A, GSA-4082B
12: GSA-4120, SOHW-1213

LOLOLOL Jamos! we very happy that the DVR 16X burnt at 1X but now can you tell us how long it takes to burn 12X a -R with on a good old 8X disk?
Thanks :slight_smile:

1x ? wonder how long it takes…
but it is gd so that u dun need to waste the media if they dun work well on other burners

hhehe ok im buying some 8x dvd-r disks tonight…plus maybe a dl disk to see how the 4x burn does.

and a 1x burn takes about 45 min.

thanks ive update it…

Great i did pre-order mine this afternoon (119E + 7E sending) and hope have it end next week.
As soon possible i ll test Ritek G04 (4x) and G05 (8x) with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you got any scans yet?.
I am dying to know how good it is

yes sorry heres the link to my 4x duallayer scan did very well in 23 min. :iagree:

have u updated to the new firmware ? as its meant to give u a lot better and faster burn at 16x ? Im currently waiting for mine in the post but how would u rate it overall as a reader , writer , and cd writer ?

thanks REDBULL

I just updated this morning. I will post burn times when I can.

It seems to read well. I have not tested it much as a cd writer but it does seem adequate, but it only can read at 40x, and write at 32x. here is the specs on the drive:

The burn at 16x is still slow. I get a 7 min. burn at 16x even with the new firmware. This could be due to the write strategy though. We may never really get fast speeds writing at 16x with this drive, until 12x and 16x media become available.

I could care less about the speed myself. My concern is the quality of the burn. I am so torn as to buy this now or wait till the NEC 3500 comes out.

Well the quality of the above burn was excellent. Here it is, YUDEN T02 burned at 16x.

Jamos, you seem to know your burners well. Would you suggest buying the Pioneer A08, or the LG GSA-4120? I don’t plan on using DVD-RAM.

The 108 is only 12x burner inthe real world.I don’t class burning the last 300 megs of a disc at 16x reason enough enough to class as it as a 16x writer by any stretch of the imagination.
It actually takes longer to burn a full disc at 16x than it does at 12x due to the z-cav used by pioneer.
I read somewhere pioneer marketing insisted it be branded a 16x.
I’ve only ever used pioneer drives(107’s) I have a 108 coming today or tomorrow can anyone tell me if the zcav steps are noticeable on the burn like the 107 when it ramped up from 6x to 8x(641megs).
All pioneers burn media better than the NEC ,I have no doubt the nec will be far quicker as it uses cav so it’s more or less a straight through burn meaning around 4 and half minutes as opposed to pioneers “16x” taking 6.58(and thats using 12x as it’s faster than pioneers 16x setting)…
There is no chance pioneer will release a firmware to cav this drive,that’ll be saved for the next model.