Nice surprise, TDK 8X +R.... YUDEN T02!



I saw some TKD +R 8X on sale today in a local shop. 5-packs of retail discs in jewel cases. Out of curiosity (was missing something new to test… :bigsmile: ), I bought a pack, thinking I would get either MIGPG101 R04 or CMC MAG E01 considering the very good price.

Surprise, YUDEN000 T02! :cool: - most probably genuine, but one never knows, I’ll report later on when I can burn something.

Has anyone in Europe already come across TDK-branded YUDEN T02? It comes as a surprise to me…


We saw a lot of it here in the USA for a while, mostly 100ct and 50ct spindles.


Yes just look for the made in japan labels.


In Europe (at least where I live), this trick doesn’t work, as the legislation is different so there are lots of media sold without any “made in” mention.


That’s too bad :eek: So how do you know if it’s TY or not in Europe or is the only way of getting TY is via the unbranded TY’s online? I guess there are visual clues to it but still MIJ always helps :iagree:


On some media the country of manufacture is mentioned. But anyway media is way overpriced in retail shops here, so I buy 99% of my media online from UK, so it’s not an issue for me, the shops I buy from always mention (and guarantee) the mediacode. :cool:

I just like, sometimes, to randomly pick some stuff in retail shops “for fun” :wink:


I’ll be today in a local store and buy some TDK’s, i hope i’ll be surprised too.


But anyway media is way overpriced in retail shops here

at least you have some retail shop in you neighbourhood :slight_smile: , here is only extremely overpriced Tesco, with very “good” brands like Gigamaster, 3A, Tesco’s own media :iagree:, etc.


Excellent news! :cool: …now to see if they start turning up here in the UK (fingers crossed!) :bigsmile:

Nice to see I’m not the only person who does that, LOL :bigsmile:


Hehe… :wink:

First test : Excellent burn in my Benq 1650. If these discs get available online, I’ll definitly order some. :clap: . I kinda like the TDK “look and feel” so this could be my favorite T02 source… :slight_smile:


A little off-topic, sorry :flower:

I found a TDK +R 8x on a store and was a MBI media (see here the scan), but I found also a TDK [B]-R[/B] 8x without any indication of made in Japan that was a taiyo (here there is scan)


:disagree: Totally relevant here! Thanks for the input and the links :slight_smile:


Lovely scan :clap:…I’ll have to keep my eye on SVP in case they start stocking them :slight_smile:


I’ve used those TDK MBIPG101 R04’s, they’re great discs (try them in your 4167B, I’ll bet they’ll burn even better :iagree: )…and I thought your post was totally relevant, since the discussion was about TDK media :slight_smile:


Thanks [B]Arachne[/B]. I was in doubt because my taiyo is a [B]-R[/B] disc, not a +R.

Anyway now I’m curious to try one of these media also on my LG… grrr :stuck_out_tongue:


If in doubt, this forum is the best place to post :slight_smile:


Yeah, your LG will love those MBI discs, I guarantee it! :iagree:


Back to TDK…(sorry for the OT, Francksoy :flower: )