Nice suprise

so well today my grandad came up asking me to make copys of his work hes been doing in the national archives. so we went and got some media we thought was ridisc ritek G05 but had a nice suprise (well i hope so) when i open’d them up and burnt some with cd dvd speed :slight_smile: they turn out to be mcc made map6 of batch but im wondering verbatim castoffs cos the printable surface isnt brilliant but their a bloody bargain at 5 pounds for 50 :confused: anyone shed light on ridisc having these i know i aint used the best writer for -R but ill do u a benq burn or a litey burn now @ 8x or something as that burn was 4X

Ridisc is a company of E-Net. E-Net buys second rate (or even failed quality test) discs from big manufacturers and also buys cheap fake media from china. They then sell this on under a number of brands “Datawrite”, “Ridisc”, “Bulkpaq”…

So these discs will most likely be cast offs from CMC’s factory that didn’t make the grade for Verbatim… The burn looks good though.

its not a bad burn really for a samsung what would u prefer though ritek g05 or these ? :slight_smile:

That’s a nice burn for a 4x write on 16x media, of course being a second rate MCC I would never even burn above 8x. Try 6x if possible or 8x and see what happens.

heres burns for ya :slight_smile: pretty consistant but as u said not a grade top end stuffs but still not bad for money

To be quite honest, that 6x burn looks very nice from the scan. Some writers just burn with high PIE on MCC03RG20. My LG 4167B likes to write with PIE around that level but the PIF is low like yours. Jitter on your burn is low as well.

Overall, it looks like it’s burning very nicely. I’d be extremely happy with those results for such a low price.

LOL true, nice media, i got some cheap (and lucky) media, 29.90€ per 100.
I thought i was getting those great dvds to use as cup base.
got this:

epro dvd+r 8x, i’m pretty happy with these.

Wow looks pretty good. That would have been a very nice surprise. :iagree:

Don’t call that cheap
But luckilly quality looks to be worth the price.