Nice Softwares for writting 99min[870mb] CDs

Writing 99 min CDs [specially data format] is to important.because many times this happens that data would be ready for 700mb CDs become a little larger and u have to write it on 870mb[99min] CDs.especially Divx or Xvid movies.and etc.
NOW,I can write 99min[870mb] CDs with Video CD format by Nero .and of course by setting overburning. But I don’t know how to write on 99min CDs with Data format. :doh: If anyone knows how to do it with Nero or another software that can work with this issue plz let me know. :bow: tnx in advance. :clap:

btw, i have written my data on 99min CDs by CopyToDVD software.but the result was disappointing.i lost some of my data.some of data wasn’t read by my DVD drive or another CD drives.u could test it and let me know if it works or not.tnx in advance.

ImgBurn doesn’t impose any limits so it should support burning to 99min media - assuming of course that the drive sees it like that!

tnx 4 recommendation.gotta do it.gotta be helpful.tnx alot.