Nice new 5055GDL+.... but

I have just opened and installed my nice shiney new 5055GDL+ DVD Recorder.

It plays DVD’s perfectly
It plays DVD’s with DivX perfectly

It sounds like a bag of nuts and bolts when a CD is inserted, followed by a loud clicking noise and then reports the drive is empty whenever I put a CD in it.


Amazon will be having this one back for a replacement me thinks.

Anyway, while it worked I managed to run a DivX test CD through the machine and found the following

DivX (3.11 up to 6) and XviD supported with MP3, AC3 and WAV audio streams.

Supports 3 B-frame encoded XviD but does not support Qpal or GMC.

Can copy XviD files to the HDD for playback later
Can copy home made DVD’s to the HDD for later playback (and all menu’s etc work).

Just sitting here now waiting for the returns to proceed so I can get a fully working unit.

It is nice to see it will allow the copying of XviD files to its internal HDD as this was a question quite often asked about this player. Thanks for the sharing the other information about XviD compatiblity also. :slight_smile:

To me, it seems like the laser is having problems with the infrared radiation required to read CDs, either that or it is not calibrated correctly. When this happens, the drive will get ‘confused’ while trying to read the disc as it can detect a disc loaded, however it will keep on trying to seek about to find a readable area. This usually results in it seeking beyond its boundaries, thus causing the gears to slip. With some DVD drives having reading difficulties (which I watched with the cover removed), I’ve seen them try spining the disc backwards (clockwise for a moment, anticlockwise for another moment, etc.) as well as at different speeds.

Well Amazon have been very good about the problem. As I reported the fault to them as soon as it arrived they are sending a replacement to me by the next post and I have used their online returns to send my faulty one back to them at their expense.

That has to be good service in anyones books. It also looks like I will get my replacement before I get my freeview decoder that I ordered seperatly about 15 mins after the 5055 but using the free delivery.

If I get a faulty 2nd unit I may well end up getting a different make but I am willing to put this first unit down to rough handling in transit.

It is good news with the DivX / XviD playback as it is exaclty the same criteria as my AV700 so means that I dont have to have 2 copies off all my movies. The 5055 also lets you copy the DivX files off the HDD onto a DVD in exactly the same way you would with a PC so I can archive the files onto the 5055, copy the ones I want to view while out onto a DVDRW and use my PC to put them on my AV700. The drawback is that the 5055 only writes at 2x speed though.

It also burns to 1x DVD-RW media which most of my other drives do not, I can now use them again at last.