Nice menu for CDR?



Does anybody know a nice and simple menu for my cdr´s? Please let me know if u do.



autoplay menu studio – it’s the best. e-mail me if you want the full version. otherwise go off and download some trial version from cdrsoft and then get the crack that screws up the text. your choice


Check out my site at
I am sure that you will find something there to suite your needs, from the very basic to the more intence, if you don´t find what your looking for today come back later as i will be adding a few more, For those of you looking to reproduce the Frozen menu system, stay tuned we will have a reasonable reproduction up shortly…


phoenix has a lot of menus, but no full versions. that sux.


ATT Squage…
I don´t mind critisium about my site, that helps me to improve it. but i do dislike downright misleading comments like yours in the above message (but no full versions. that sux.)i suggest you take your finger out your ass and stick it back in your mouth before you make sweeping comments like that, If memory serves me right there are only two programs on my site that requier any form of registration to aquier a full version. so i suggest you get your facts right before commenting on peoples sites. i did not know that CDFreaks forum was degenerating to the point of slagging off peoples efforts to help others, Leonidas asked for help regarding a menu program, i pointed him in that direction,



Thanx PhOenix for your tip. I like your site and i appreciate your effort. Keep going.
See yah