Nice looking coyote picture

When we finished our hike up in the Rocky Mountains to Lake Odessa last weekend, we got in the car to leave and came across this great lookig coyote. You can see that he has a nice winter coat yet and is quite healthy. My hiking friends have a good camera with decent optical zoom, so we got a good shot. The darn thing looks tame! But it aint. I’m glad we were in the car. :wink: But, it also makes you feel good when you see a nice healthy animal like that nowdays. :slight_smile:

hey, cool picture

Nice pic. I see them as road kill sometimes in the midwest USA.

WTF!! :bigsmile: Sometimes, I wish there was a way to let these noble animals co-exist with our technology. All the animals. We are such a pain in the ass to mother earth. :sad: grabs an IPA

yes unfortunately :frowning:

Great pic! Very unusual to have one stay put long enough to get a pic like that! :bow:

Vista frikkin’ SUCKS!!

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Beautiful pic. Thanks Crabby :flower:

Right back at ya sweets! :flower: :slight_smile:

Cool picture! I love to see Coyotes :bigsmile:
We have them in some of the city parks round Toronto - but it’s the wrong place for them to be as they end up scavenging, and sometimes even attacking peoples dogs and cats.
Better to see them out in the wild :iagree:

Thanks, Crabby! :slight_smile:

That sure ain’t no coyote ugly coyote! :smiley:

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