Nice Going Guys..You Killed Ripit!

And i Always Enjoyed the way he posted the Scans so Orderly so you did not have to download PDF’s or go to everybody’s seperate sites(Or Posts)Nice Going!

Hehe, lets not get carried away here, I think ripit has posted more than once that he apreciated the help. Yes he is the best at this but in no way is he stopping. Or at least he has not reiterated that. I think Ripit will be around for a long time. Just my thoughts, I cannot speak for ripit.:bigsmile:

becuase this is the First Time he eearily has not posted and he was the best.

He is the best:iagree:


Maybe the ripper is on vacation or getting lucky or sumptin’- :eek:

He [I]is[/I] [I][B]‘The Man’[/B] [/I] when it comes to the weekly ads-eh!! :iagree:

Not to worry, I just got kind of stupid. I usally dont mess with the computer I need to do the ads on when sat is approaching, but it was a simple job. I just needed to pop the pentium 4 off a customers computer into mine (both socket lga 775). So I confirmed that the cpu was good (tried good memory so dead motherboard on the customers computer). So I pop my conroe back in, and the computer doesen’t start. I try the pentium 4 again and same thing. I tried diffrent memory, power supply and nothing works. It took all day to figure out, the case wires were loose (not completly disconected, but loose), and the dang power switch wire wasn’t making contact!!! I think I earned a retard award for trouble shooting all day before I found that one. My other working computer (htpc sitting in the entertainment center) was down too (needs more uv lights, or more corectlly, led’s and power supply uv wrap) so I couldn’t post. The stupidest thing is, I used to run 4 computers (I have a couple of kvm switches) so I could have had a backup. I just haven’t got around to getting the other two up and running (water cooling leek on one a long time ago, had replacment parts for months), and the other was just lazyness.

I’ll be back next week. Fyi, Its not the first time I missed. I think that I have been doing this for about 2 years (so you know I’m not going to stop). I think I have missed maybe 3 other times. One was out of state vacation, I posted in advance, and others got stuff up for me, and the other two were just problems (I think one was cable internet service was out).

Just as I thought, people get very upset if they don’t see you ripit. But I am sure they understand now. Thanks ripit.:clap:

Way off topic but I got know.

Alan I have been looking at your avatar for a while now, is it an “Archon” from SC? The aura of energy surrounding the guy looks very familiar.

We all have good intention of helping out ripit

Ok Rip i was getting a little concerned when i saw this week all the Posts with Sales Circs and Feared that this could have made you think "Well Sice the ADs are Already there"I Appreciate what the others are Doing i Just hope it does not stop you from your Weekly Duty of Giving the best “News of the Week” :slight_smile:

I Appreciate what you and others are doing ghetocowboy (And Thankful since no ads were posted by Rip this Week) I guess if he doesn’t mind Continue.

Well, to make things easier we could just post the ad links under a single topic. A lot of times, other sites post up early ads long before RipIt, so maybe we could coordinate things a bit better to save him some time, but still keep the information in one easy to find spot.

How about we move this to the living room so we can discuss how much we appreciate ripit and folks like him. :wink:

very happy to hear Ripit is back, his Scans are one of the few reasons I keep visiting cdf.

very much appreciated

Nice to see you’re not dead anymore, ripit. Thanks again for all the great bargains you’ve shown me. :slight_smile:

Yep, You never know what has happened to a person. This is cyber space guys and people expire in real life. Not RIPIT, way too young.

Thanks for letting us know, ripit. Your regular weekly posts are always anticipated and much appreciated. Sorta like a little extra sunshine in the day. :flower:

Just glad you are OK…I suspect some of us are still jumpy after Wobble left. Always appreciate your effort in giving us the advantage on Sun shopping.

I look forward to more genuine RipIt ad scans. Those were always my favorite. You have a very big fanclub here… just remember that you are appreciated. :flower: