"Nice" DVD+RW burning result with 451S@851S

After I’ve found the necessary procedures here I switched my new Liteon OEM burner DRW-1S45 to LDW-451S and next to LDW-851S.

While burning DVD+R at speed 8 was fine, burnig a 1 GByte session on DVD+RW did make the medium nearly unusable. PI/PO raised very much and the burner - either as 851S or backflashed to 1S45 - was not able to access the medium anymore. I managed to make it usable again with a Ricoh MP5240A but after rewriting the complete medium with data the KProbe scan looked like this:

Oh my, forum software refused to upload the file now 6 times.
Please, what is a “VALID” gif or jpg file???
No word in F.A.Q. what’s the diffenence to a “normal” gif or jpg file.

Okay, I’ve noticed that’s currently a general problem here, so I follow the advice from pinto2:

I think the 851S session can easily be identified… :bigsmile:

This session also had a much darker colour on the medium, the write strategy in “851S mode” must have changed significantly.

Is it a general experience that upgrading to 851S worsens rewriting in such a way?

I´m curious and would like to see that attachment…:wink:

Upload the image to web and link with the [IMG] function. :cool:

BTW, I had the same problem this evening…:confused: