Nice desktop image from Firefly

Never saw the show when it was on the air. But, Firefly, a science fiction show with a bit of the wild west thrown in, has gotten quite an Internet following. Having just seen the entire series on DVD and the full length movie “Serenity” I must admit, now I’m hooked. Too bad there ain’t nothin left to watch. :sad:

If you ever saw the show, a lot of fuss is made about the transport class ship Firefly, the shows namesake and how nice looking it is. Whilst surfing around looking for Firefly information regarding the revival of the show, I came across this Wiki and the person had among other things, IMHO a very good desktop image of the ship, named Serenity. :cool: Which is now on my desktop. Just thought it was worth sharing here for those fans out there that may not have seen it yet. Or maybe there are more things of interest someone else knows about.