Nice cd eh?

Hey like the picture of my cd? I was just wondering what are my legal rights to backuping this cd? Could i download the all the songs off the cd? Could i only download tracks 1-10 because that is all that will play on the cd? Can i make a backup of someone else’s identical disc after mine has been damaged, or do i have to make a backup before it gets busted? I’m just interested in your guys opinions because i don’t really know the rules about this stuff. Plus i think it’s kind of funny. Thanks for your comments.

= walt

Depends most on your country’s laws.

But in general, you bought the CD, so you should allowed be able to back up the whole CD. It would be best advised you keep this damaged CD for proof just in case you might be arrested (slim chance, but nevertheless a real option)

I don’t see why you shouldn’t be allowed to back up somebody else’s disc. You paid for it, so you should be abled to use it… very simple…

Smartass: theoretically you are perfectly right, but I doubt that there is any country in the whole world that arrests people for backing up a single cd… :wink:

what about a country that does for hundreds of backups?