NIC Removed

Normal when we removed an old nic dan put a new one, the network panel will show ( in this case as my pc…OS win XP) ’ Local Area Connection 1,2,3, and so on. I mean evert time we change a new nic that new number will assignt. So I consider how to totaly removed/reinstalled nic including it’s pyshicaly registry. Because some case after i removed tah old nic dan put the same tcp/ip on new nic, the pc prompt that tcp/ip has belong other nic(old nic). Thanks

Did you remove from the device manager by uninstalling before pulling the card out?

yap, i have done from device manager

If the numbers in the nam ereally bother you, you can right click and choose rename or even give it a specific name, like my local area connection 1 is renamed to optonline becuase thats my provider. My second nic is labeled network. Also makes it easier to see right away whats where and adjust settings when need be.