NIC adaptor software

i believe i need this for my router to work, as i don’t have any Local area connection in control panel, network connections.

my motherboard is an asus A7N8X delux.

ive found this from asus’s site, hopefully this will make it work

3COM PCI Lan WHQL Driver version 5.4 English Version.

if i can remember, there could have been one called SIS?

You need drivers, that’s all…
You have at least one NIC that’s made by nVidia

thanks Diizzy, i’ve looked on asus site & all i could see was the 3com drivers

i’ll look on nvidia’s site

(on dial up just now, what a pain!! :bigsmile: )

fixed it

somebody disabled them in the BIOS, i wonder who that was :rolleyes:



Hopefully you have not installed Nvidia’s networking/firewall software, since this is know to corrupt FTP downloads :wink:

just installed the nforce2 MB drivers, after setting the ethernet to auto in the bios, it then found them and installed the correct drivers for them, it found the 3com driver aswell