NiBiRu and ProtectCD



i have the new nice Adventure NiBiRu from dtp and A-Ray shows ProtectCD. At the moment i dont have made an working copy with Alc and Blind :frowning:
Anybody more success or details ?


THe latest ProtectCD has blacklisted Alcohol (not sure about blindwrite). You will have to wait for an updated version for your backup to work.


Would CloneCD work with the ProtectCD profile?


For ProtectCD is DPM needed and CloneCD can not read DPM.

You can make a Image with Alc (ProtectCD 5 Profil), burn it with the same and then insert the burned CD in a cd/dvd reader. Start Alcohol, Image wizard, Safedisc 3 (1x Speed) and while Alcohol is reading the disc start the game. It has worked for me at all ProtectCD 5 games, also NiBiRu.


:disagree: I just used CloneCD version with the ProtectCD profile and it made a perfect copy of the game. Installed and plays as well as the original disks. I don’t have to use Alcohol as mentioned before.



The weird thing though is I used A-ray and got a no protection reading. No mention of ProtectCD. Couldn’t make a backup on 2 trys but when I read this post about it having ProtectCD it worked. What could be the problenm there with A-ray? Used all 3 scan types.



Perhaps it uses ProtectCD v6
Latest A-Ray release doesn’t have support for this currently.