NHL2002 CloneCD

Has anyone using the plextor 121032 drive able to back up the clonecd version of NHL2002.
I used clonecd but get error message to insert the disk into the drive.

Any way to get thsi to work or had success?

Which protection does it have? It’s probably SafeDisc 2 which cannot be copied by your Plex 12x (it may only play in the burner itself)… However there are some rumours around that the latest CloneCD version has a build-in (sort of) BetaBlocker to make better (read: working) back-ups of SafeDisc 2 protected games with drives like these… Please note that I cannot confirm this (haven’t had time to test it)… The latest CloneCD version is and can be found @ www.elby.org

nhl 2002 is sd2 protected (as per clonyxl)