Hi Im Trying to make a backup disc of nhl2002,i tried cdclone and i tried cd-mate no luck.It say says damaged sectors in the recording box,i also tried to make a image but i get the same errorsthe game when you start it says safe-disc and i tried the two settings in cd-mate wizard that said safe-disc and safe disc2.has anyone backed up this game?
i have a hp 9100 writer plus in a 2gz 512 ram


Is it nhl2000 or nhl2002 that you’re trying to copy? If it’s nhl2002, it’s protected with one of the recent versions of safedisc 2 that can’t be copied successfully by your writer without assistance.

If using clonecd, try using AWS when you write the image. Alternatively try patching the clonecd image with betablocker and then burn the patched image without AWS. Either may work but they also may fail. There are no guarantees.

If using cdmate, again try the weak sector augmentation option (I think it’s called S.A.M. in cdmate). Again it may or may not work.

Finally, if you want to run the game from your writer rather than an ordinary cd/dvd rom, you will need to activate clonecd’s hide cd media before you play.