NHL Eastside Hockey Manager

Game: NHL Eastside Hockey Manager
Program(s): Alcohol 120%
Profiles and/or Settings used: Writing at 4x using SafeDisc profile

Unfortunately it will not read in my Samsung, or Mitsumi and I get a “Please enter correct CD error.” I also tried using the emulation features on both Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% and I get the same error. Does anybody know how I can go about burning the game or using Alcohol 120% / Daemon Tools to play the game? If somebody knows how I can go about burning the game or playing the game with any of the above emulation tools please list the settings. Or does anybody know a program or how to get rid of the SafeDisc which protects the cd?


Editing the exe could possibly put you in a legal situation. Try playing from a dvd-rom.

I tried playing it in my dvd-rom but to no prevail, it appears with the message “Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application”. I usually use the c-word, not the one which refers to a female body part but the other one which helps a game load. However, I can not find one for the most updated version of it so I’m pretty much stuck on defeating the evil SafeDisc 3.20.