NHL Eastside Hockey Manager - Backup

I´ve got serious troubles making a working backup of this game. Its protected by SafeDisc 3.20.022. I use CloneCD and Alcohol 120% (latest versions). CloneCD, however, I had to uninstall, because the game did not run even from the original CD. So I used Alcohol 120% to make a backup. First off, I tried to use standard SafeDisc profile for I´ve got a LiteOn SOHW-1673S burner (Fw.JS0C) and I´ve read on severeal places this drive is able to make SD 3.20 working backups with no EFM bypass. Alas, the copy did not work - it didn´t spit out the typical “insert the original CD” message but it asked me to re-eject the CD during the SD verificafion process. But then it didn´t work anyway…

At that point I decided to change the Alcohol 120% settings - I have enabled the EFM bypass. I burned another copy and…it hasn´t worked…again. I´ve got successfully through the SD verification process, but then the program made an “incorrect operation” and was terminated. With the original CD, everything works fine. shruggs

By the way, when I mounted the image into the Alcohol´s virtual drive, everthing works fine. I´ve also made a mini-image - works fine too. But I would prefer 1:1 copy though! I can´t believe my LiteOn 1673S isn´t able to backup the SafeDisc 3.20, even when EFM enabled!! Its possible that LiteOn SOHW-1673S isn´t able to write correctly weak sectors??!! I know my friend has successfully made a backup of Doom 3, also protected with SD 3.2, with the same drive I have :confused:

Are you trying to play the back-up copy from your writer? If so, you’ll need to enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options before doing so.

Yes, I have no choice, because I´ve got only this LiteOn burner and one old CD burner (Sony CRX175A1). I have “Ignore media type” enabled in Alcohol emulation options. But in spite of this, it just does what I have described. Sorry, I have forgotten to mention this in my first post…