Nhl 2003

What protection does NHL 2003 use? I don’t have access to the game yet, just curious, as a buddy of mine needs to know.

I thought I saw a post somewhere saying SD 2.80, but I could be mistaken.

burnatonce or ddump can make an image of sd2.8

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Since it’s an EA Sports game it will be safedisc 2 and, if a recent release, it will be 2.8x.

If so, as damiandimitri stated, you’ll probably need to use discdump (either through the burnatonce interface or the standard frontend unless, of course, you’re comfortable with running it from the command line) to get a working back-up.

Instructions for discdump usage can be found here .

I just backed up Nhl 2003.I didn’t bother checking the Sd2 version.I used Clone Cd ,latest version with the Sd2 profile.I used a Liteon Ltd 163D for reading.I wrote the image with my Plex 2410A using AWS.It is working fine.Hope that helps…:slight_smile:

Just an update…I used a Safedisc analyzer,it reports version 2.60.052.I also did change one setting when writing.I enabled don’t correct subchannel data,as the profile did read subchannels(although it isn’t required for SD2).

woody is correct, it is 2.60.052, I also backed it up perfectly with Clone CD.

Me to. Using LTR-24102B, No AWS profile.

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listing of games and thier protections is Here

Great site Portmac.

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It has taken a while to get the list going but all the hard work is done. It gets updated once a week if I have new games to add to the list.

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listing of games and thier protections is Here

Very good site indeed. Thanks. :slight_smile: