Nhl 2000



Hi, I have a HP CD-Writer+ 8100 and I was trying to copy NHL 2000. This game is protected with safedisc. Is there any way to copy this CD with my writer and get a perfect 1 copy?


If you want to make a WORKING copy, you should use cracks. Check www.gamecopyworld.com for cracks.
If you want a PERFECT copy you should use CloneCD. www.elaborate-bytes.com


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YUP…clone will give you a perfect copy but unfortuantely the HP8100 isnt a supported reader for clonecd. Luckily you have a supported burner tho so for about 80 bucks you can get a Toshiba DVD which will read any safedisc game and give you a perfect no-crack-needed copy. Check pricewatch.com for the lowest prices.