Nhl_2000 Copying problems



Tried to copy NHL today, only to find I was unable to defeat the copy protection. All help greatly appreciated.


goto www.gamecopyworld.com and get the crack for it… you will have to copy it to your Hard Drive and then replace the NHL2K.exe with the one from gamecopy worls and then burn it to cd

Love ya all… eh


It probably uses the new safedisk protection. Unfortunately there is no generic patch for it yet


Why using the generic crack???
It takes hours to make an image, using the crack is a lot easier.

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It’s still nice to have an almost proper copy because the cracked exe won’t work if EA release patches. If a new generic savedisk patch is released then EA’s patches will work


i’v got the crack from copy world but there was a virus on it !

i just want to warn you guy’s

see ya



I’ve tested about 3-4 different cracks & patches for the NHL2K and none of them work on my PC! I have a SCSI Plextor 32TS and 4220 writer. Unfortunately I haven’t got my hands on the original so I could test does it even work on PC at all.

Anyone with similar probs?

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I made a backup with CDClone, no problems at all.