NFSHP2 copying

I know that this game uses SD2.8 so i’m using BW to copy it, but when i’m creating an image, i’m getting an Ecc/Edc error at about sector 10000 - 11500, i’ve also noticed that the slower i read the image the more ecc/edc errors i get.

Is this normal or should the image be fine with that error. I’ve tried burning it before and windows didn’t even recognise it.

i’ve tried using alcohol to copy this game and that doesnt work totally. It installs fine, but some game tracks have corrupt files and cause the game to crash. (only about four files). I noticed that i get the usual 0 - 10000 sectors have the read errors, but from about 311000 to 322817 i get read errors as well.

Is this normal? (btw i use my 48125W as the reader because my Ltd is far to slow with alcohol).