NFS: Underground

I’m trying to make a backup of NFS:U. From what I have read by searching the forums the settings one must use are very hardware dependant, so I decided to post this so you people could hopefully tell me what setting to use. I have a LG GCE-85-25B writer. I’m using Alcohol 120%.

Also, would using higher quality media make a big difference? Or would cheap stuff do about the same job. And does write speed affect the quality of the backup?

Thanks :slight_smile:

is this for an xbox or ps2 console?


Okiedokie, first of all, welcome to CD Freaks!

Second, from memory, this drive is 52x32x52 LG CD Writer, which is 2 sheep. Read and write with the SafeDisc (not 2/3) profile, and that should do the trick. Remember to enable Ignore Media Type from Alcohol 120% Emulation options if playing the backup from a burner.

Now, about the speeds/media, better quality writing media does help, as does using CD-RWs. For reading the CD, you can use maximum. But for writing the CD, it is essential that you burn at 4x. This can mean the difference between a good backup and a bad backup.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

It is indeed 52x32x52. Ill try burning it tonight. Thanks a lot!

For the record, I have successfully backupped NFS:U using aforementioned settings, software, and hardware. I however used a burning speed of 8x, as it wouldn’t go down to 4x. I was also using very cheap media (I paid it about .20$ a pop)

Thanks for your help CyberWiz!

Remember that game is Safedisk 2.90.040 and the backups made with your drive will not work in all drives. In order to get a perfect 1:1 copy you will need a nice Asus CRW-5224A, LG DVD-recorder or newest models of Liteon Combos CDRWs.

No, the newest LG burner are SafeDisc 2 Killers.

Mine and other two are not capable sorry :wink:
May be the fw 1.00 is better than 1.01/1.02 of these. The only I know is that the chipset is a mediatek (I think) v7 like my dead Liteon 52327S and that drive and these LG cdrws failed in my toshiba devices and old creative and LG cdrom drives 52x.

I made a 1:1 copy of NFSU using alcohol 120%. I set it to read sub channel data, with the safedisk profile. It has worked on several drives, including an old 16x TDK burner, and a lite on ltr 166s

Strange, you shouldn’t need to read the Subchannel for SafeDisc.