NFS Hot2 "send dont send error"

I tried to make a backup using cloney XXL which gave me safedisc V2 settings and use clone cd to make an image, then the game installs perfectly but when i come to play it it gives a

NFSHP2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

AppName: nfshp2.exe AppVer: ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 41467261

I would like to now how to make this game work.

My pc specs are: - cd rom is Liteon DVD rom LTD 163
- video card is Geforce4 Ti 4400
- Intel P4 CPU 1.70 Ghz

What writer are you using? We can’t help you without knowing that.

HL - DT - ST CD-RW GCE-81608

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 uses Safedisc 2.8 so you will need to use Diskdump and Fireburner.
More info can be found in This thread, and what an excellent thread it is :slight_smile:
And some more info Here

Hope that helps

and it was so easy to make a backup…

  1. Checked and it was Safedisk 2.80.x.x.x.x
  2. Clony XXL (last version) used to send settings to Clone CD
  3. Reader LG8160b, change read speed to 4x (which took 20
  4. Wrote CCD image @8X with LG8160b
  5. Installed Game & rebooted.
  6. Inserted CD in Reader (Toshiba 1612) and the game starts
    and plays beautifully.

Well whatever, use whatever works. Philamber informed me that discdump hasn’t failed yet. I think I’ll use that method for all Safedisc.

The error that you are mentioning is due to the encryption of the exe file in NFSHP2.

If the disk is not burned properly (sector wise speaking) then this error pops out everytime the .exe in the install directory iterrogates the sectors for the correct combination before it decrypts and thus allow the game to be played.