NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 ... blacklisting?



First time I have come across this problem …

Neither the original nor the backup will even install the game. I get something like …

“Corrupted registry or .dll …”

and then the install fails. I’ve got CloneCED, Alcohol and DaemonTools installed and I’ve heard the rumors of blacklisted apps but thought that was SD 2.9+, not SD 2.8 as NFS is.

Saw this problem on this thread also … missed it the first time around

btw, I ripped & burned with CCD on an LG 2-sheep burner which has given me 0 probs til now. this one has me stumped. :confused:

EDIT: Problem solved! :slight_smile: Sometimes the simplest solution is the one most overlooked. I simply had to install from “AutoRun.exe” and the install went off w/o a hitch.