Nforce2 board

can anyone tell me if the Nforce2 mother boards are faster then the kt400 mother boards i am going to use a xp3000+ barton chip in it


In most / all benchmarks I’ve seen, NForce2 boards are slightly faster than KT400 boards are.

The difference in speed isn’t really that big (that there is a measurable speed difference doesn’t mean you actually’ll notice this), so I’d rather base my decsision upon features, price etc etc…

As far as I am concerned, I’d buy the NF2 board. The VIA chipset works fine, but the NF2 has more to offer… but it also costs more…

Everything I’ve seen concurs with what Dee-ehn is saying. There’s a very slight difference. From what I understand, Via thinks dual-channel RAM is overkill for the Athlon, and it would seem they have a bit of a point. Via has also been the top Athlon chipset for most of the last year or more. I say go for Nforce if you want the onboard features, otherwise go with KT400a. Stick to a good manufacturer like Gigabyte or MSI.

maximum pc has an article on that subject in this month’s issue. it liked the nforce board better but said the via board was very impressive as well.