NForce SW IDE driver issues

Is there any issue of using this IDE driver(v3.66) with NB2500A? Or should I switch back to the default Microsoft IDE driver instead?

Many people have reported problems using NForce Nvidia drivers.
That does not necessarily mean that you will have trouble with them.
Try some burns and see what happens, if you have any problems, uninstall the Nforce drivers and reboot to load the default Microsoft drivers.

Someone has posted, though I can’t remember precisely where on the forums, that the latest nForce IDE drivers (4.12 if you’re using Windows XP, released on 31 March 2004, available from work much better for optical drives than earlier ones do. I can’t confirm that, as my motherboards are all Intel based.

As always, the only way to find out if you have a problem is to test - if you have problems try either the new nForce IDE drivers or use the Microsoft IDE drivers instead.