nForce sound problem

Today i have been installing my new MSI K7N2 motherboard.

I had to borrow a friend’s PSU because the damn thing wants a P4 plug (12V) and currenly am running an Athlon 1333MHz on it with 1024Mb of DDR ram.

After about 25 Windows XP restarts , it finally crashed , lost all my passwords/emails and some programs , but oh well… they will reappear again. So , having a nice clean Windows XP installed.

Naturally i have updated all the bios , firmware and drivers one could possibly find on the NVidia and MSI websites.

But the thing is… i can’t get my Soundblaster Cambridge FPS 2000 4-point surround speaker set working on the nForce soundcard.

The front two speakers work (connected at lineout plug) , but the read speakers don’t (connected at linein plug and configured the software to make use of that linein as a 2nd lineout).

The nForce MCP2 comes with a nice handy control panel , but the nForce MCP doesn’t (pretty annoying), so i’m at a total loss here.

What the hell can i be doing wrong ? Should i downgrade to older drivers or what the hell is going on ?

I have tried many different configurations in the Windows XP speaker setup , all to no avail.

It’s nice to have my Unreal Tournament 2003 finally at max speed and graphics , but now the sound sucks…

I always found that the onboard sound chips are terrible for high CPU usage.

You are better off using an old sound blaster live, or audigy or even a cheaper 4 speaker sound card.

I’ve always found the instructions on how to use the line-in on motherboards as the rear out just a tad vague.

I don’t suppose the MCP and the MCP2 sound chips are teh ssame are they ?

i dont have a 4.

but if everything else fail…

Hmm , i just downloaded the NvSwap utility (thanks to the NForcer forum i found out it exists :slight_smile: ). And it WORKS !

But it only works in the NvSwap utility … no winamp surround , no media player surround , games , etc etc…

So now i have a little tool that produces noise on my FPS system… whoopee …


I have posted the same question at the NForcer Forum as well.

I just downloaded the 97 Meg 6 channel soundstorm wave file … and that WORKS…

Do i really have to tell every goddamn piece of software that i want it over ALL four speakers and not just over 2 ?

//end of update//

double click on the default windows sound icon (not the nforce one) near the clock.


other controls.

i guess you must have already tried tht. just incase…

Originally posted by pps111
[B]double click on the default windows sound icon (not the nforce one) near the clock.


other controls.

i guess you must have already tried tht. just incase… [/B]

Yup , tried that at first (says so in the manual) , but does only work with the Soundstorm 97 meg sound file and the NvSwap utility. So it CAN produce 4 speaker sound , but not in all other software :frowning:

Hmm . i am going to try this here this evening. I hope this will work. I’ll let you know.

Wohoo ! The above works !

Kickass !

That control panel looks quite nice.

I have the Asus which gives me the soundstorm control panel which is obviously easy to use, along with fact that the board has jacks for front, rear, centre and sub as well as line in so there is no mucking around switching uses.
I did have to use nvswap to swap the centre and sub around when using analogue out to 5.1 speakers (I guess I could have switched the phono plugs around instead but it was just as easy to run nvswap.)

As far as cpu use and quality it certainly blows any cheaper 4 speaker soundcard out of the water and seems to be better than my older soundblaster live as well. Many people seem to think it’s even better than their audigy as well with very few prefering the creative.

Some people ave complained about interference but this often seems to be cured by turning down the output in the enviroment tab of the soundstorm control panel (where you can add reverb, chorus, echo etc. and alter these settings) Some people have even said it improved the quality of the sound or allowed them to reach a higher FSB when overclocking!

its better than audigy & comparable to audigy 2.

"From a purely sound perspective alone, the nForce2 is up there with the best stand alone sound cards, better than the Audigy and not too far from the Audigy 2. "

heard tht they have used the xbox sound technoloy in it.

moreover the complete monthboard is cheaper than audigy 2 - more bang for buck :slight_smile:

Only one word :


I can testify to that! The Asus board rocks! I found the sound to be better than my old Live, and the whole system just feels more responsive. The IDE performance is pretty good too. And the NF2 will support the 200MHZ FSB Bartons in April!

Mr. Belvedere - your link doesn’t work anymore. What did you do to fix it?

I’m getting 5.1 surround sound in applications such as powerdvd but in games and in winamp / media player etc it’s still coming out of 2 channels

The link probably went to

I thought to myself: “Does Mr. Belvedere still use an Athlon 1,333MHz?”

LMAO!! The good old days! But hey, I’m typing this on my Dad’s AMD 1GHz.

I have Matrox G450 myself and it’s still one of the most powerful VGAs I have. Small differences between Athlon 1,333MHz and the latest dual-core Pentium D 840 compared to how powerful NVidia 7800GT is against my Matrox G450, but Mr. B getting a Socket A motherboard in the summer of 2005 sounded so unrealistic. Hm… anyone willing to spend US$1,000 for dual 7800GT for SLI? Perhaps one can have both PS3 and XBox 2 for that much.

Yeah, going for the Xbox 360 myself.

XBox 1 to XBox 360… Microsoft must have wanted to make it sound like 3.6 instead of 2.0. :bigsmile:

Ever get the feeling that M$ is going round in circles?