nForce problem, please help!

just look at the screenshot why nvidia sw driver doesn’t detect my hdds? i already tried reinstalling, uninstalling ide drivers.

why are you looking under PCI bus?
Ive got an nforce mobo too.

Yup, that’s the right place.

Ary they partitioned and formated? If this is a raid, do you have the proper raid drivers installed?

its not raid, they are partitioned, one of the drives has windows on it,

drive one is c:, e: f:
drive two is d: g: h:

and they are under pci bus because this is view by connection, not view by category.

drives show up fine in exporer, bios etc… except in nforce 4 sata properties.

If they’re S-ATA drives they won’t be on the primary or secondary channels.

sata or pata its still primary and secondary channel

just with sata you only get master, no slaves

it used to display just fine, when each drive master, it let me turn on NCQ, change transfer, mode, now it shows no device.

i have 3 sata drives
2 one one nforce4 hub
and 1 one second nforce4 hub

neither one display.

while on my second pc, i also have 3 sata drives, they display just fine.

Some series of Maxtor SATA HDs have problems with nForce3 & nForce4 controllers, maybe you have Maxtor drives? Maxtor released aditional firmwares to solve this problems. What MB you have? Also i would try to reinstall chipset drivers and upgrade it if they are not the latest.