NForce NVidia drivers with NEC 2510A

I searched five pages into the forum for information about the NForce NVidia drivers and didn’t find anything, so hopefully this isn’t a repeated post…

I know my current video card is some type of Geforce 2 model, and that I have used NForce NVidia drivers in the past. In my Add/Remove Program folder it reads:

NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Display Drivers
NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP nforce Drivers

so I figure those are my current video drivers. I bring this up because in the NEC FAQ post at the top of this forum (wesociety’s) there is a mention to these drivers:

“6. Using Nforce Nvidia IDE drivers and having problems? Uninstall them and reboot so that Windows loads the default Micrsoft IDE drivers.”

My question is, will I possibly run into problems with the NEC 2510A if these drivers are intalled, and what are the possible consequences of taking wesociety’s advise and uninstalling the NVidia Drivers?

NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Display Drivers = Display drivers
NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP nforce Drivers = motherboard chipset drivers

New versions of the chipset drivers are available

I know many have had problems with Nvidia IDE drivers (Included in nforce package) I have had no problems.

Try it and see i would say, if you have problems with your 2510a then you can uninstall the NVidia IDE drivers as (sesociety) suggests, but DO NOT uninstall your display drivers

I have the latest installed, and no problems at all with my NEC 2510a :slight_smile: Keep up to date with the drivers and you should have no problems.

I had uninstalled my Nforce IDE drivers because i was having trouble, i did a number of other things too

i reinstalled the latest nforce 4.27 released a few days ago, wrote an 8x disk last night with perfect results !!

6. Using Nforce Nvidia IDE drivers and having problems?

i bet that means that if you are having problems uninstall them. if no problems drive on…